Deliverables Centered Project Management

This is the main MCLMG project management methodology that is focused on the primary goal of any project: the production of "fit-for-use" deliverables. The reason for many organizations' project failures is that they are focused on the wrong thing - processes. A project is NOT about processes, but about the successful production of the contracted deliverables, and therefore, these should be entire orientation of all project activities.

At MCLMG, we have developed a proactive, innovative project management approach that gets your teams back to the basic concept of managing the project's deliverables, not managing process or checking off boxes. If you are tired of your continued low project success rates, contact us for how we can help you turn these defeats into winners.

Proactive Risk Management

MCLMG's Proactive Risk Management is directed towards the concept that project risk management is not an add-on, but a core project component. MCLMG's risk management framework is build around an innovative approach which we call the "3D Risk Model." Proactive risk management is about understanding and minimizing a project's exposure to potential risks through the collection and management of valuable information that reduces uncertainty about project decisions.

Well-Skilled Project Manager (WSPM®) & Well-Skilled BA (WSBA®) Programs

These programs are for those professionals that want to take their careers and knowledge to the ultimate levels of their chosen disciplines. These six (6) month programs that require a competitive entrance cycle where the applicant competes for the limited number of openings for each program session. The program session sizes are kept small in order to provide a close working relationship between the program facilitators and faculty and the program members. All current program sessions are completed via an online conferencing system with daily meetings, work assignments, and overall program project research and writing requirements.

If you believe that you have the drive, motivation, and persistence to become an industry "Top Gun," contact MCLMG about the program(s) requirements and details of the topics and skills learned during this intensive and advanced program.